Final day in Fraser and golfing Evergreen

Today was a sad day because our Rocky Mountain and Fraser adventure ended – but definitely ended on a high note nevertheless with a final golfing Evergreen hurrah.

And more importantly, and true to form at the Wild Horse Inn, which he had been staying at the last few days in Fraser, CO, we were treated to another glorious breakfast Sunday morning – a waffle with Palisade peaches, Greek yogurt, and spicy pork sausages.



We packed up as an that was going on I took some final pictures of the property, including of the fireplace and lobby area that I missed before.

Fireplace and Sitting Area at Wild Horse Inn

Fireplace and Sitting Area at Wild Horse Inn

This is the lodgy great room field we all hope to have in our hunting room in the mountains one of those days. I loved all the wood finishes.


We said our goodbyes to Donna and were out the door by checkout at 11AM.

On the road again, we took on the challenging switching backs leading out of Winter Park up to Berthoud Pass (11,000 feet), back down to Georgetown for the 3rd time, and on to golfing Evergreen. As expected we hit a ton of traffic on I-70 after Empire once we hit the highway.

Luckily we left ample time for driving to make a leisurely 120PM tee time, and rolled in to the course with time spare and just after a small rain.

Evergreen Golf Course

Evergreen Golf Course

The Evergreen Course Course was picturesque – wrapped around a mountain and a lake with greens that had angles and all sorts of obstacles to them. Hole 3 was a shit show. You had to tee off over a boulder. We all lost our balls.

Golfing Evergreen was really fun, but I can’t say any off us were on our game. We were more interested in enjoying the mountain scenery and taking in the course than worrying about our playing. We lost about 10 balls between us all and found about a dozen – it was that kind of course. There was also a freak thunder and lightning storm that lasted for 10 minutes. Colorado has the same sort of weather as Boston – if you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes. My parents started to panic, but when I pointed out the patches of blue sky ahead and don’t them to wait it out, it made us all feel better.

While golfing Evergreen, we also spotted some wildlife – there were a family of marmots:

MarmotAnd a deer said hello near our tee-off on the 9th hole:

Golfing Evergreen 9th Hole Tee-Off Deer Companion

Golfing Evergreen 9th Hole Tee-Off Deer Companion

Ironically, we saw more animals golfing Evergreen than we did on our 4 days in Fraser.

After golfing Evergreen, we all grabbed a light linner at Keys on the Green at the Clubhouse and took in some more sun. I had the kale and spinach salad, my mom had the beet salad, and dad had the the shrimp cocktail and a FatTire.

The perfect end to a perfect trip. It took us 45 minutes to drive back to the Denver condo from there, unpack, and settle back in to the Sunday night routine. Until next adventure!



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