Chugwater, Wyoming – Worth the Stop for Chili and Shakes

We hit the road around 830AM and first stopped for produce and snacks at the King Soopers nearby me in Denver, and the ATM. We were heading out of town by 915AM and made good time out of Denver into Wyoming. We crossed the border, refueled just outside Cheyenne, and then proceeded to miss Cheyenne (where we had wanted to stop and walk around). Apparently there only one real exit for Cheyenne (the State Capital and museum), and since we didn’t want to do either of those things, we dismissed that exit for the next one that never came. It wasn’t as large of a city as we thought. Our next opportunity to stop was Chugwater, Wyoming. Elana was starting to get hangry so we decided to take the exit. It turned out to be a great decision. Not only did we stumble in to a diner whose claim to fame was the best chili in all of Wyoming (and I bought the spice mix), but we also found ourselves in the state’s oldest soda fountain for delicious old-fashioned shakes after launch….

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