TechShop SF Visit

This morning the Entrepreneurship Winterim was in downtown SF checking out the TechShop on Howard Street. This is a great business that enables start ups and individuals with great ideas prototype and/or build a live product. Moreover, it is a venue to retool (quite literally) and learn new skills (hardware and software skills) to stay up to date with the changing tech landscape. What is the TechShop you ask? TechShop provides you with access to a wide variety of machinery and tools including milling machines and lathes, welding stations and a CNC plasma cutter, sheet metal working equipment, drill presses and band saws, industrial sewing machines, hand tools, plastic and wood working equipment including a 4′ x 8′ ShopBot CNC router, electronics design and fabrication facilities, Epilog laser cutters, tubing and metal bending machines, a Dimension SST 3-D printer, electrical supplies and tools, and pretty much everything you’d ever need to make just about anything. The TechShop is for EVERYBODY! (note, I stole a good deal of this description from their website, because I couldn’t remember exactly the types of machines they actually had from memory!)

And not only do you get access to the machines, but also to computers set up with cutting edge CAD and design tools, many of them powered by AutoDesk. PLUS, you can use the office space upstairs to sit and flesh out the businessy aspects of your business, as well as make use of the conference rooms in the facility. All this for $125/month! Of course courses cost extra, but many of the basic training one would need before using the machines and certain software are actually credited back to be used for another course. So they really give big incentives to help you get started. So get going, to a location near you, and start building! TechShop is currently in Menlo Park (CA), Raleigh (NC), San Francisco (CA), San Jose (CA), Detroit (MI), and soon to be in Portland (OR), Brooklyn, (NY), and Los Angeles (CA).


About therestlessroad

The tar in the street starts to melt from the heat
And the sweats runnin’ down from my hair
I walked 20 miles and I’m dragging my feet
And I’ll walk 20 more I don’t care
And I’ll wander this world, wander this world
Wander this world, wander this world all alone
I’m like a ghost some people can’t see
Others drive by and stare
A shadow that drifts by the side of the road
It’s like I’m not even there
And I’ll wander this world, wander this world
Wander this world, wander this world all alone
Well I’ve never been part of the game
The life that I live is my own
All that I know is that I was born
To wander this world all alone, all alone
Some people are born with their lives all laid out
And all their success is assured
Some people work hard all their lives for nothin’
They take it and don’t say a word
They don’t say a word
Sometimes it’s like I don’t even exist
Even God has lost track of my soul
Why else would he leave me out here like this
To wander this world all alone
And I’ll wander this world, wander this world
Wander this world, wander this world all alone
–Jonny Lang, “Wander This World”

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