Oregon Trail Ruts in Guernsey, Wyoming

Still on our first afternoon, and after a leisurely morning in Chugwater, we decided to take a small detour on the way to Devil’s Tower and visit some Oregon Trail sights based on the recommendations of a few folks we met in town. The chief being Oregon Trail wagon ruts – 5 feet deep wheel marks that were formed over the 50 years westward journeys of the pioneers. They were in a town called Guernsey, and we were able to take back roads from Chugwater. We got a little lost going through town because the turnoff was pointing down an alley that seemed to be a dead-end. We took the next road and ended up near the National Guard, so I ran in and asked if we were on the right track. The officer in charge was super nice and helpful and gave me overly-detailed directions turn by turn. We found the ruts after a 5 minute off-roading experience (the first in my new Acura RDX!)….

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