The tar in the street starts to melt from the heat And the sweats runnin’ down from my hair I walked 20 miles and I’m dragging my feet And I’ll walk 20 more I don’t care And I’ll wander this world, wander this world Wander this world, wander this world all alone I’m like a ghost some people can’t see Others drive by and stare A shadow that drifts by the side of the road It’s like I’m not even there And I’ll wander this world, wander this world Wander this world, wander this world all alone Well I’ve never been part of the game The life that I live is my own All that I know is that I was born To wander this world all alone, all alone Some people are born with their lives all laid out And all their success is assured Some people work hard all their lives for nothin’ They take it and don’t say a word They don’t say a word Sometimes it’s like I don’t even exist Even God has lost track of my soul Why else would he leave me out here like this To wander this world all alone And I’ll wander this world, wander this world Wander this world, wander this world all alone –Jonny Lang, “Wander This World”

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tripchi and SerpicoDev – a great partnership

Syndicated with permission from SerpicoDev tripchi, a leisure app for the business traveler, was recently featured in CNBC’sWorld’s Most Promising New Companies. SerpicoDEV serves as the software development partner for tripchi and would like to congratulate CEO Chandra Jacobs for this high distinction. tripchi is a mobile app that helps business travelers find actionable things to do during their down-time. It is explicitly designed for the business traveler–this means it focuses on usability and speed to get to relevant and actionable recommendations. In doing so tripchi removes the fluff that leisure travelers care about but business travelers don’t, and cuts right to the chase to get the business traveler onward to interesting activities. With tripchi, you can be on your way to something interesting to do in five minutes or less–whether it’s catching a concert, noshing at a local favorite, or getting your culture on, tripchi allows you to have instant gratification. It captures your personality in 3 steps, with adaptive/learning algorithms incorporating your interactions, and analysis of your social media profiles, to cut down the number of questions to answer. The recommendations served up include all the information needed to have you on your way, including pictures, a description,….

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My startup, tripchi, participates in EMC’S Innovation Market

Innovation can be defined in many ways. It can be incremental. It can be transformative. It can range from a groundbreaking product invention to an improvement in solutions or processes. It requires thinking outside the box. And it can happen anywhere. Even inside large corporations. To highlight this, we wanted to showcase an event going on at EMC, based out of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, which is helping to promote not only innovation, but woman-powered innovation as well. EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. EMC’s first-inaugural Innovation Market premieres on November 1, 2012 at EMC’s corporate headquarters. The goal of the program is to raise the volume on Innovation and Creativity within EMC by showcasing the many and varied ways EMC business units and organizations are “thinking outside-of-the box.” You can check out the stories of two EMC innovators to learn about their secrets for….

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Misadventures in Beantown

Since moving to Boston, I have experienced the positive and negative of what an urban environment has to offer. A few days after arriving, I went for a walk and was assaulted by an old man with a cane (he literally hit me in the knee with it). In contrast, days later, I went for a run, and lost my driver’s license ( it fell out of my pocket while I was running). The next day I opened my mailbox and found that a good Samaritan had actually mailed it back to me! All in all the good and the bad have stayed in balance (with perhaps tipping towards the side of good)…. Last week, I went out with a friend, Stephanie, who I knew from my exchange program in India at the Indian School of Business (she was my roommate). Stephanie and I always seem to have hilarious misadventures. Like the first time we met in India and we went to a “farm party” on New Year’s Eve that turned out to be a luxury gala at someone’s country mansion (needless to say we were under-dressed). An Indian friend of mine drove us back (tipsy), and on our way back he….

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Scott Walker–American Entrepreneur

On 20 Jan 2012, the last day of the Entrepreneurship Winterim, Thunderbird alum, serial entrepreneur, and mega-donor Scott Walker spoke to us at his Napa vineyard, Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards. He told his life story, especially focusing on the ups and downs of his journey as an entrepreneur. Now, years later, after turning around multiple companies (this is his specialty) and starting, and selling, many of his own businesses at a tidy profit, he is the man of the hour. We hung on his every word. By the end of his talk, he had convinced us to work for him for the starting salary of $0, accompanied by the fringe benefits of learning everything from him and possibly getting rewarded big-time down the road. No risk no reward—a fundamental principle we have all, of course, learned in finance class at business school. According to Scott, he was a late bloomer with no idea what he would do in life. He had a degree in political science and history, with the notion of becoming a lawyer one day, but without any solid plan. We’ve all been there. His course changed the day a professor at his university recommended Thunderbird to him….

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Day 6: Entrepreneurship Session with Alain Labat

16 Jan 2012 we met with Alain Labat of VaST Systems (acquired by Synopses). He began work in San Jose in 1980 working for the engineering systems division in Xerox, at the PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). Back then, Silicon Valley was just that, Silicon Valley. Now, the area only focuses on semiconductors up until Mountain View, and then it becomes Social Media Valley. From Palo Alto North it is Software Valley. This is a fitting (and explanative) simplification. His current office space, naturally since he has dealt primarily in semiconductors, is in the original heart of silicon, Santa Clara. Alain also explained a unique perspective on how he saw the VC and investment side of SV change over the last 20 years, moving from a period where every company ended in an IPO, and investors couldn’t wait long enough to throw ridiculous amounts of money in the mix, to the post-dotcom era where only a few small few end in an IPO, some end in an M&A exit, and most just die out. Because the culture has changed from expecting an IPO to an M&A exit, Alain has therefore established a business in this very niche—consulting with startups who….

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