Ocho Rios, Jamaica Mon

Months after visiting Ochos Rios, Jamaica over Memorial Day Weekend (May 29 – Jun 3, 2017), I’m finally getting around to writing about a travels and escapades around the island. After debating about whether to travel to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, or Jamaica, we decided on Jamaica because of the combo of convenient flights options and affordable all-inclusive adult-only resorts. All in we were able to do this for about $1500 total, for two people, for 5 days. We decided to use Brendan’s miles on Southwest, which had service to Montego Bay with one stop from Denver. Despite the horribly early morning departure time, it was a great itinerary and allowed us to maximize our time on the island. Everyone was on time and we landed in Montego Bay with no trouble on the flights – in fact, I forgot how fun flying with Southwest actually is. They definitely cater to the novice leisure traveler, have one hard product (all seats are the same), and make it easy to buy, board, and fly. The flight attendants were all in good spirits and even played games with the passengers. We witnessed a competition where each side of the aisle passed….

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