Hong Kong Dimsum and food – an experience

After a great day touring the Hong Kong markets, we were beginning to salivate for our Hong Kong dimsum experience the following morning. But, before morning, we still had dinner to look forward to! Camie and I headed to the HackHorizon mentor event at Metta California Tower near the Central MTR stop (2 stops on my line). Here, the HackHorizon event team hosted a mixer for the mentors to get to know one another prior to the event commencing for participants the following day. We spent a few hours networking and drinking, and found ourselves ravenous afterwards. Some of the locals, namely Duane from Regal Hotels and Bosco from MTR, recommended Tsui Wah – a mid-scale mainland Chinese restaurant chain that would give us a good variety for a good price. We started with some Boba. We we added in some pork noodles and ox tongue. The pork noodles were super greasy and the ox tongue tasted exactly like tongue – both of us had a serious texture problem with it. So maybe this restaurant wasn’t a hit for us, but we knew our morning outing of Hong Kong dimsum wouldn’t disappoint. Here’s me excited for it: OK so with….

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