Hong Kong in 2 days – Markets and more

Three weeks ago I landed in Hong Kong after a 20 hour journey from Denver in United Polaris Business, connecting in ORD, and saw Hong Kong in 2 days before getting to work. I had about 6 hours of solid sleep due to the lie-flat pod, and felt pretty good upon landing and hitting HKG at 6PM Wednesday evening (3 May 2017). Here’s a view of the pod. I cleared immigration and collected my luggage within 20 minutes of landing and was able to order an Uber easily thanks to the free Wi-Fi. Finding the pickup point for the Uber was a little more problematic – Car Park 1 was not clearly labeled with signage and pretty soon I found myself just outside the airport and asking around. Luckily, the information kiosk was staffed with an English speaker who pointed me in the right direction. I walked up just in time as the Uber rolled by. It took about 45 minutes to get from HKG, which was located on a nearby island, to the central business district of Hong Kong where my hotel, the Conrad Hilton, was located. On the way, the Uber driver (who spoke English very well), gave….

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