Now, for something completely different

Well I usually write a lot about airports and travel. But I thought I’d shake things up today and write about marketing. It’s something I do a lot of thinking about, especially this strange yet trendy thing called “growth hacking.” As if marketers were feeling left out of the developer nerd-circle, so we needed have a form of hacking associated with us too. OK, then. In any case, today I wanted to talk about building up a Twitter following, and how I’ve been going about it lately. There are really 3 ways: The old fashioned way. Use it. A lot. Oh yeah, and write useful content that people want to read and engage around. It’s harder than it sounds. It takes a lot of time to learn the rules of engagement, the syntax, and the tacit behaviors that your customer base expects. It also takes time to learn how to write succinct messages that are also engaging, how to stay relevant with things that are trending, and how to constantly uplift to new Twitter hashtags and conversations to continuously expand your audience. Be smarter than the average bear and employ a number of free Twitter management and analytics tools. Of….

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