Misadventures in Beantown

Since moving to Boston, I have experienced the positive and negative of what an urban environment has to offer. A few days after arriving, I went for a walk and was assaulted by an old man with a cane (he literally hit me in the knee with it). In contrast, days later, I went for a run, and lost my driver’s license ( it fell out of my pocket while I was running). The next day I opened my mailbox and found that a good Samaritan had actually mailed it back to me! All in all the good and the bad have stayed in balance (with perhaps tipping towards the side of good)…. Last week, I went out with a friend, Stephanie, who I knew from my exchange program in India at the Indian School of Business (she was my roommate). Stephanie and I always seem to have hilarious misadventures. Like the first time we met in India and we went to a “farm party” on New Year’s Eve that turned out to be a luxury gala at someone’s country mansion (needless to say we were under-dressed). An Indian friend of mine drove us back (tipsy), and on our way back he….

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