Day 1 of Entrepreneurship Winterim #eWinterim

The 2012 Thunderbird Entrepreneurship Winterim, which I have been on for the past week, has so far been to San Diego and Los Angeles. This first series of blogs that will post will summarize, one day at a time, the highlights of the visits. Starting on Monday, Jan 9 2012, we got a taste of the entrepreneur lifestyle via alum, and successful founder, investor, and entrepreneur, Howard Lindzon. One of the key messages of the session was that the basic ingredient substrate for a successful entrepreneur (or investor) is subject knowledge depth coupled with passion.  Take StockTwits, Howard’s own company, which he started on Coronado Island in San Diego.  Even though he is in a “small pond” (his words), he has proved that this model can still work because of his subject matter depth (focus), and passion for the subject matter itself.  This disciplined focus was something that he did not necessarily have early on in his career, as he drifted in and out of different phases, ideas, and adventures–he reflected back on many missed opportunities, and how he could have been even more ahead of the curve in his chosen field if he had continued with it from his….

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